UK Global Screen Fund: International Distribution Film Sales Support

Supporting UK sales agents to increase their international promotion and sales of UK feature film projects.

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The International Distribution strand aims to grow exports and global demand for UK independent film by supporting the UK film industry to achieve measurable results which would not have been achievable without UKGSF support, including:

  • Increasing the number and value of international sales of UK independent film

  • Increasing international audiences for UK independent film

  • Increasing commercial returns for UK screen companies, rights holders and financiers

Having considered the most efficient way to achieve the above aims, the BFI considers it appropriate to streamline two of the previous forms of support by amalgamating and consolidating the festival and market launch support offered via the International Distribution funding strand in 2021-2022, and the support offered via the National Lottery-funded Film Export Fund.

This type of festival launch support will continue to be offered going forward under the Festival Launch Support scheme which will be operated under the International Distribution strand of the UK Global Screen Fund.

The International Distribution strand of the UK Global Screen Fund will therefore make three forms of support available:

  • Film Sales Support — awarded to a UK sales agent presenting a UK film to international buyers at international markets with the aim of securing international distribution deals

  • Festival Launch Support — awarded to either the UK producer or UK sales agent of a UK film, to support the launch of the film at an agreed film festival with the aim of increasing the film’s profile and sales.

  • Prints & Advertising (P&A) Support — awarded to either the UK producer or UK sales agent of a UK film, to contribute towards the P&A costs of a grouping of international distributors, with the aim of increasing the film’s circulation, audience size and Box Office potential


Film Sales Support funding is available for specific sales and marketing activities, including the creation of marketing materials for use by UK sales agents and international distributors of UK independent films. This will further enhance their promotion, reach and value internationally, which will in turn benefit the UK producers of the films.

This will enable UK sales agents to:

  • Compete more effectively, overall, in the international marketplace, securing additional sales for completed UK independent films;

  • More effectively launch and market new UK independent films in a highly competitive international marketplace;

  • Secure better returns on international sales with immediate benefit to UK rights holders and financiers.

Film Sales Support funding will help UK sales agents to increase their international promotion and sales of those live action and animated fiction and documentary feature films that are capable of qualifying as ‘British’ films under the current definitions, and which otherwise qualify as an Eligible Film (as per the requirements set out in section 2 below). Eligible Films can be in any language including English. We are looking to provide support for those Eligible Films that have clear appeal to identified international audiences, and strong potential for commercial success.


How to apply

Applications for Film Sales Support are open on a rolling basis.

Information you need to provide

This section tells you what you’ll need to provide when you apply. 

Online application form

The information to be submitted in the online application form includes:

  • Details of the Eligible Applicant

  • Details of the Eligible Film

  • Details of the lead UK producer and any other co-producers and the Collection Agent (if applicable) for the Eligible Film

  • A detailed sales and marketing strategy which provides an overview of the activity for which you are seeking funding

  • The Total Anticipated Sales Costs (the agreed sales expenses cap plus any standard excluded sales costs)

  • Value of documented and/or forecast sales of the Eligible Film

  • Details of any festivals and markets that the Eligible Film has been invited to over the next six months

  • Details of how the application will address the UK-wide priorities set out in the assessment criteria


At the end of the form you will be asked to attach the following documents

  • A copy of the signed Sales Agency Agreement/Deal Memo appointing the Eligible Applicant as the UK Sales Agent for the Eligible Film

  • A signed statement from the lead UK producer(s) confirming consent to the application and approval of the proposed sales and marketing budget

  • A list of documented and/or forecast sales, including the formal sales estimates prepared by the Eligible Applicant

  • A sales and marketing budget (using the template provided) which shows a breakdown of the Total Anticipated Sales Costs and details how the UKGSF funds will be used

  • A copy of the proposed final gross budget for the Eligible Film together with a detailed finance plan

  • A corporate structure chart for the Eligible Applicant, detailing all direct and indirect ownership interests, and corporate domicile of all related entities

Further documentation may be requested during the assessment process, if necessary for us to properly evaluate the application.


The following template should be used to provide details of your sales and marketing budget. The completed template should be uploaded under the attachments section of the application form.