Partnership Schemes in Conservation Areas

Local authorities can apply for funding under our Partnership Schemes in Conservation Areas (PSICA) scheme. These schemes are run on a day-to-day basis by local authorities and are designed to target funding for the preservation and enhancement of conservation areas. They are based on a partnership between us, the Local Authority and other funding bodies and are designed to ensure the long term sustainable future of conservation areas, in particular through supporting heritage-based regeneration initiatives.

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Partnership schemes are designed to target funding for the preservation and enhancement of conservation areas. They are based on partnerships between Historic England, local authorities (lead partner) and other funding partners.

In many deprived areas, conservation of the built heritage can act as the catalyst for wider regeneration. It can help to:

  • improve the quality of run-down towns and cities;

  • encourage inward investment and wider economic and community regeneration;

  • create new opportunities for local people.

In making funds available under this scheme, we look at the wider benefits that projects can achieve, in addition to improvements to the historic environment.

Partnership schemes make grants available to the owners of individual properties, within a conservation area, who want to carry out repairs or other appropriate work which will enhance the area. This funding comes from Historic England, you (the local authority) and other sources.


Only local authorities (or other bodies with an equivalent remit, e.g. National Park Authorities) can apply to Historic England for funding under this scheme. In any partnership, the local authority or equivilent body is the lead partner. Owners of individual properties cannot apply directly to Historic England under this scheme.


The role of partnership schemes is to:

  • provide a framework for identifying problems and opportunities;

  • channel resources to encourage remedial work;

  • provide appropriate management and development controls

In all our partnership schemes, we aim to secure a sustainable future for the historic environment by ensuring that the work we fund:

  • boosts the social and economic resurgence of England’s urban and rural communities and helps to create safe and sustainable communities;

  • reinforces the character and historic significance of the area (Historic England will review the assessment of historic significance against its published Conservation Principles, available through our website);

  • repairs and brings back into use historic buildings;

  • is completed to an appropriate standard and that subsequent regular maintenance is carried out;

  • is sustained by the local authority’s policies and actions for the area.


You can apply at any time during the year, but it recommended that schemes start from 1st April.  Therefore the best time to apply is between April and September for a scheme to begin the following April.

How to apply

The day-to-day administration of your application for a partnership scheme is carried out by teams in our Historic England local offices. They will be your contact throughout the application process. They can advise you on whether your partnership scheme will be a priority for our support and can also help you to complete your application.

You should contact your Historic England local office before you submit your application.

Supporting information

Information and guidance on the scheme can be found on the Partnership Schemes in Conservation Areas page of the Historic England website at