National Highways Lorry Parking Facilities Improvements Scheme

This grant provides lorry parking operators with support to improve HGV driver facilities through the provision of welfare facilities, parking and improved security.

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National Highways is promoting a funding scheme of up to £20m to improve lorry parking facilities used by heavy goods vehicle drivers who rely upon good quality, safe and secure rest areas (the “Scheme”).  The Scheme is part of the National Highways Users and Communities Designated Fund.

Motorway service area operators and operators of service areas that provide facilities for professional drivers at rest areas operated by the private sector on major trunk roads close to the strategic road network (up to radius of 5km) can apply for funds to improve their facility providing it offers benefits to professional drivers.  Applicants must provide match-funding of at least 50% of the cost of the projects for which funding is sought.

National Highways will fund up to 50% of the capital cost of an improvement project. The funding ratio will be confirmed in each funding agreement. In your application you must be able to demonstrate that the improvement project will be completed by 30 March 2025.

Funding opportunities are to support improving facilities and increasing the number of parking spaces at existing sites which include a lorry park. The cost of resourcing and staffing future improvements is not included in the funding issued to a facility. Neither are normal running costs, general business overheads and direct or agency/contractor labour costs.

For example, funds can be used to fund construction and refurbishment works, security equipment and installation, engineering and architecture and design, and fixtures and fittings.

The improvement project must not seek retrospective funding or funding for work that would be undertaken in any event should the funds not be issued.


Lorry parking facility operators can apply for funding if they operate HGV driver facilities at:

·       motorway service areas

·       independent truck stops

·       trunk road service areas

·       local authority truck stops

Sites must be located on, or within a 5 mile radius of the strategic road network in England.


Your proposals must improve HGV driver facilities or welfare in any or all of the following three areas. The examples below are not an exaustive list, but indicative of what we are looking for in applications.1. Welfare facilities for drivers

You should consider affordability for drivers and driver welfare provision when they take their essential breaks. You may consider, for example:

·       the provision of driver lounges

·       facilities that recognise gender, disability and other protected characteristics

·       Wi-Fi, self-service laundry, recharging points, amenity refrigerators, gym

·       other facilities for drivers, including toilets, shower facilities, rest areas

2. Driver and site security

Security of drivers, heavy goods vehicles and cargo is a high priority for this Scheme. You should consider measures to improve driver and site security. This may include lighting systems, CCTV, other monitoring equipment and secure fencing.

3. HGV parking capacity, including spaces and layout

You should consider improvements that increase the number of HGV parking spaces or the overall accommodation of the facility.

You may wish to include in your proposal:

·       improved parking area configuration

·       electric charging infrastructure

·       dedicated areas for noisy vehicles and trailers with mains electricity supply and noise abatement


All works must be completed by 30 March 2025.

How to apply

The easiest way to apply is by completing the expression of interest form and submitting this to the Designated Funds inbox. If you have any questions about the application process please email us and one of our team will be happy to discuss your application with you.

Successful applications will be funded using the National Highways Users and Communities Designated Fund, specifically the freight theme.

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