Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Capability Fund

Grant to local authorities to support capacity in delivering local electric vehicle chargepoints.

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The LEVI Capability Fund provides resource funding through a data led allocation model to Tier 1 local authorities in England, to ensure they have dedicated staff to plan and deliver local electric vehicle chargepoints.


Local authorities who have highways powers in England. This includes Combined authorities and a bespoke approach for London through Transport for London and London Councils.


The LEVI Capability Fund aims to:

  • increase the capacity and capability of every Tier 1 local authority to plan and deliver EV infrastructure

  • enable every Tier 1 local authority to have a published EV infrastructure strategy for its area

  • enable every Tier 1 local authority to take advantage of the LEVI capital fund


How to apply

Eligible local authorities submitted a proforma and received their FY22/23 in March 2023. A refreshed proforma would have been received by 26 May 2023 to receive funding in September 2023 for FY23/24. A progress report will need to be completed in FY24/25 to receive the final payment of funding.

Any questions can be received by the LEVI Support Body: LEVI@est.org.uk

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