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The Evidence and Dissemination Grant is a 2-year grant to:

  • Produce and share evidence for central and local government on how the RPC programme can be more efficiently implemented;

  • Utilise existing tools, and where a need has been identified, create new ones for use by both practitioners and policy makers to build on the RPC work;

  • Support local services to implement RPC support and to evaluate its impacts to shape future practice;

  • Communicate evidence and learning to support future planning for RPC work; and

  • Identify emerging areas of interest, to support DWP in increasing the reach of RPC into wider family policy areas

Value of Grant: Up to a maximum of £1 million in total (£500,000 per year for 2 years: 2023 – 2025).

The grant comprises the following requirements: 

  1. Produce and share evidence, guides and tools – to equip LAs and their partners with the resources to inform their RPC support.

  2. Provide direct support to LAs to help them improve and embed their RPC support.

  3. Identify emerging areas of interest, to support DWP in increasing the reach of RPC into wider family policy areas.

Full detail of the grant can be found under the Supporting information tab.

More information about the Reducing Parental Conflict Programme can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/reducing-parental-conflict-what-is-parental-conflict

If you would like further information or have any clarification questions on this grant, please contact: CAXTONHOUSE.RPC@DWP.GOV.UK.


Applicants may be: Non-profit, Private Sector, and Public Sector organisations:

  • Public sector organisations including Universities, and other UK government departments.

  • Private sector organisations that are UK organisations registered with Companies House and a registered office in the UK, whose operations are carried in the UK and who have submitted annual accounts to Companies House for at least 3 years prior to making the EDG Application.

  • Third sector organisations that are officially registered and have submitted annual accounts to the Charity Commission for at least 3 years prior to make the EDG Application.

Individuals, partnerships and sole traders cannot apply for the EDG.


The EDG supports the collection, development and dissemination of information, assistance and tools to LAs and DWP which analyse and assess LA’s interaction with DWP’s Reducing Parental Conflict (RPC) programme(s) with a view to the development and improvement of the RPC programme. The RPC Programme works to equip organisations that deliver family services to improve outcomes for children, through reducing conflict between parents or carers, whether they are together or separated. The EDG will provide information, assistance and tools to LAs which may in turn facilitate the RPC Programme in meeting its key objective of embedding and sustaining RPC support in LAs and their multi-agency partners in England and allow the RPC programme to provide a wide range of support which would not be possible using DWP resources alone. The type of information gathering, dissemination, assistance and tools which the EDG will fund will play a valuable role in the success of the RPC programme e.g. conducting surveys with LAs where the responses will help to inform both the LA’s own next steps and the plans of the wider RPC programme. The EDG Recipient will be expected to provide LAs expertise that LA’s will value and play a role as a credible and authoritative voice for LAs, particularly through the workshops and conferences it is anticipated that the Grant Recipient will coordinate and lead.

The Grant Recipient will perform an important function as a respected independent authority who can provide direct support and advice as well as resources and tools to LAs. DWP is not prescriptive as to what the support, advice, resources and tools to be provided by the Grant Recipient will be Grant Recipients will be required to use the EDG in accordance with DWP’s requirements as set out in the Grant Application Guidance, the Grant Funding Letter and the Grant Funding Agreement.

The following set of objectives for the RPC Programme to support the embedding of RPC in local services have been identified with the intention of ensuring equal access of all parents in England to meaningful, evidence-based relationship support. The department’s ambition is for these objectives to be met by the end of the 2022-2025 Spending Review period.

The following targets have been set:

Targets 2022-2025 for upper tier LAs (152 authorities – England only)

  • 100% have “engagement” with RPC;

  • 95% are offering “support” for parents in their area;

  • 75% are providing a pathway of support for parental conflict and collects data on parental conflict.

The EDG supports delivery of these targets through supporting LAs. EDG Recipients will have the opportunity to create and innovate gathering and using information about what has been delivered so far in the RPC programme.

The EDG Recipient will be expected to engage with existing networks and to create their own networks where necessary.

The Grant Recipient will be central to supporting the work to meet these key RPC objectives through:

  • Producing and sharing evidence, guides and tools – to equip LAs and any other organisations working with the LA to provide RPC support (“Partners”) with the resources to inform their RPC support;

  • These covers producing evidence, guides and tools (“Products”), as well as sharing and promoting learning and good practice.

  • Products could include best practice guides, case studies and sharing them through engaging across a range of platforms and methods to disseminate learning through both national and local events both face to face and digital.

Providing direct support to LAs to help them improve and embed their RPC support.

A key goal of the RPC programme is to embed this work in the business-as-usual activities of services and organisations. To do this, data is needed locally to show the current and potential longer-term impacts of the work.

The Grant Recipient will be required to:

  • carry out data gathering and analysis to determine the impacts of RPC support and training (e.g., through cost/benefit analysis);

  • interpret and communicate findings, to help influence decision-making; and

  • engage specific sectors in the RPC work (e.g. health workers).

Identifying emerging areas of interest, to support DWP in increasing the reach of RPC into wider family policy areas.

Throughout the period of the EDG DWP expects the Grant Recipient to remain alert to wider societal themes and changes where parental conflict evidence and support may be beneficial. This is likely to include an understanding of:

  • Family policy areas across government;

  • Being alert to current and future factors that will influence these areas;

  • The impact this may have on RPC support; and

  • How RPC work can engage with wider family policy (e.g., Supporting Families, Strengthening Families, Family Hubs, implementation of Care Review recommendations)

The Grant Recipient will be expected to respond with new and innovative approaches to increase the evidence base around RPC and improve the support available, including through influencing and potentially integrating with wider family policy.


Proposed Competition Timetable and Administrative Arrangements

  • EDG advert goes live, 7 November 2022.

  • Application window, 7 November - 2 December 2022.

  • Issue of remaining EDG Grant Competition documents, On request by Registered Interested Parties.

  • Deadline for Clarification Questions from Applicants, 18 November 2022.

  • Deadline for the publication of responses to Clarification Questions from Applicants, 23 November 2022.

  • Deadline for Application Submissions, 11.59pm 2nd December 2022.

  • Evaluation of Applications and internal approval processes, Throughout December 2022.

  • Applicants notified of outcome, End of January 2023.

  • Expected date of EDG Grant Funding Agreement signature, February 2023.

  • Expected Commencement Date of EDG Grant Funding Agreement, 1 April 2023.

  • Funding Period Ends, 31 March 2025.

How to apply

Applicants may choose to apply either through the GOV.UK Apply for a Grant service or by submitting their documents via email to CAXTONHOUSE.RPC@DWP.GOV.UK.

To apply online, click the 'Start new application' button above to be taken to the Apply for a Grant service. You’ll need to register before you can access the application form. Once registered you’ll be taken through to the application form for completion.

To apply offline, download the 'EDG Application Form' from the Supporting information tab.

Supporting information

A Grant Funding Agreement (GFA) will be created based on the plans, outputs and expenditure from the successful Grant Applicant’s application based on the Cabinet Offices Model Grant Funding Agreement.

To receive EDG payments, the Grant Recipient will be required to report activities and costs incurred. These reports will be critically reviewed by RPC programme staff, who may request additional supporting evidence for assurance purposes. Payments will be paid in arrears.

The approach to management set against agreed plans seeks to ensure that objectives and spending by LAs are monitored in an achievable and proportionate way while providing a robust level of assurance to DWP’s accounting officer, Ministerial Team and HMT that the grant funding is being used to support the policy objectives.

Further information can be obtained by emailing caxtonhouse.rpc@dwp.gov.uk (Please put EDG and your organisation name in the subject of the email).

See below for:

  • Grant Application Guidance, Eligibility, Scoring Framework and Weighting Criteria.

  • Questions & Answers from the Market Engagement virtual event held on 8th September.

  • EDG Application Form, for offline submission to CAXTONHOUSE.RPC@DWP.GOV.UK (please note, you only need to return this form if you are not applying online via the 'Start new application' button above).

  • Responses to Clarification Questions received in November 2022.

  • The Reducing Parental Conflict Statement of Requirements.

Supporting Information Guidance

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EDG Market Engagement Q&A

EDG Application Form

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Responses to Clarification Questions on the EDG Competition

Reducing Parental Conflict Local Grant Statement of Requirements